Monday, February 8, 2016

New Oil Paintings

In the past few weeks, I have committed myself to doing better oil paintings.  I bought some frames, made some panels, and started painting.  I feel like I am trying to learn something completely new.  I thought that painting was a skill that I was working on, and since liked a lot of my watercolors, I would be able to work in oils just as well.  Now I am thinking that oils and watercolors are so different that I will need to learn something completely new.   I need to figure out what I like in the way of painting surfaces, the paint consistencies, the brushes, the brush strokes, and even the colors that I want to use.  It is all so new and different.  But it feels new and fresh, and I am enjoying the challenge.  This little painting is one I just finished, and I think it shows some promise.  

The Shack - Oil - 5 x 7"

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