Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Windansea Evening

     I am still trying with oil paints, and I am getting the hang of it, a little.  But I feel like I am limited to only some specific kinds of images.  I want to know exactly how I am going to do the whole painting before I start out with it.  I have done a few paintings that I like really well, but I am in awe when I check out other artists work.  Especially their larger works.  I am so impressed with what other people can do, it is inspiring.  Especially when the finished product looks effortless and even as if it were fun to do.  I see their work and hope that I can someday learn to paint that well, and enjoy it so much.  It always feels like a struggle with the elements for me to finish a painting.  But when it is done, and I like it, I am so happy that I forget how hard it was, and am amazed at how simple and easy the painting sometimes looks.   To me this one looks easy.  Thats how I want them to look when I'm finished.

Windansea Evening
Oil 8 x 16"

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