Monday, January 11, 2016

What year is is anyways?

I used to put the year after my name when I signed a painting.  I did it for several reasons, but I have stopped doing that for several reasons as well.  One of reasons I stopped is because of paintings like this one.  I thought it was finished with this one 2010, so I signed it, and put a '10 after my name, and filed it away with many other paintings I had.  But, for some reason, last week I got it out again.  And after looking at it with a fresh eye, I saw that with a few new touches, I could make the painting better.  So, after working on it again, and thinking it is really done done this time, is the completition date 2010, or should it be 2016?  After all, most of the painting was done in 2010.  There were only some new accents done last week.  And is the date the painting was completed really important anyways?

Whatever the date is that it was really completed, I like this painting much more than before.  It has cool colors in it, some good texture on the water, and some good movement in the painting.  It is fun to look at, and imagine paddling over this wave.  And it reminds me of a really fun morning at Blacks.

"Silver Almond"
12 x 16"  Watercolor

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