Friday, November 6, 2015

Looking Back

So, I am still on my same schedule.  About four bad paintings to every one good painting.  I wish I could break this routine.  Last night, after working all day, I looked at what I was doing, and became frustrated.  I started thinking all my work was terrible, and I should try something different with my life.  So, I got out my huge stack of paintings (I have a large stack) and started to go through them again.  This stack dated back about 15 years.  And as I went through, I saw some really terrible work.  Paintings that I had been proud of at one time.  I even had some of these framed at one time, and on display. But, as I went through, I did see some paintings that I still really like, and think are good.  I should go back and see if my four-to-one ratio has always been in effect.  I wish I knew why some paintings work out, and some don't.  I use the same brushes and paints, and paper, and paint in the same place.  What makes the difference?  Is it my mood, or what I am listening to, or my enthusiasm for the subject?  

So, I looked at some of the pictures I really like.  It felt good to see some quality.  Now, I just need to figure out what to do with them all.

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