Saturday, December 13, 2014

Half Dome

I feel like I'm on a roll with a few paintings from Yosemite.  I have gone to other National Parks and even taken a lot of photos - thinking I would paint from them when I get home.  But never have.  I took a lot of shots at the Grand Canyon and Sequoia National Park, and even at Zion, but then nothing looked like it would be a good painting.  Maybe I've had some sort of breakthrough where I want to paint something that isn't strictly ocean inspired, or maybe Yosemite was just that inspiring to me when I went.  Or maybe I just felt like I got some good reference shots.  Whatever the case is,  I am enjoying revisiting Yosemite through these paintings.  And now I want to go back to all the cool places I've been and try again. 

"Half Dome"
Watercolor 14 x 20"

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