Thursday, April 24, 2014

WindanSea Again

    I just got back from a trip to Yosemite with my family.  What an incredible place.  I always get so inspired when I am at one of our National Parks.  They are all so beautiful.  The weather was perfect, and all my kids loved the hikes.  It was so much fun.  While we were at Glacier Point, I was reading one of the signs, and it said Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir had camped there together in 1903, and there was a picture of them overlooking the valley.  It was from over 100 years ago, but taken from the same spot I was standing, and I was looking at the same waterfalls they were looking at.   I got a real sense that as people, we come and go, but the place will always remain, and continue to be beautiful. (Provided of course we take care of it, but that is another story)
    When I came home, I wanted to paint some Yosemite scenes, but for some reason, I immediately painted another WindanSea shot.  But when I finished, I was looking at it, and had the same thoughts about WindanSea that I did about Yosemite.  That wave has been breaking for so long.  There have been changes over the years, but who knows for how long water has been rolling over that reef.  For the 35 years I have been surfing, the wave has been the same.  Always doing similar things with similar swells throughout the year , but always fun.  A little more crowded now, but the same wave never the less.  I am glad I am able to enjoy it while I am here.     

WindanSea Again
Watercolor 14 x 20"

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