Friday, April 4, 2014


I know it is with a little bit of vanity that I write this, but one of my favorite things about being an artist is looking back at work I have done, and enjoying it.  For me, painting is hard.  Even after more than 20 years of painting watercolor, I find it is still a difficult challenge.  I waste paper and paint, and more importantly time, more than I care to admit.  But sometimes a painting really works out and I know its good.  I love those times.  I probably visit my website the more than any other person, just to see what I have done. Especially when I hit a spell where nothing seems to work out good.  In those times, I need to remind myself that I can make a good painting still.  Other times I just like to see what I have accomplished after spending so many years dedicated to painting.  Well, this time I am checking out a painting that was one of the first ones I did that made me feel like I really can be an artist after I finished it.  People often ask me if I ever get sad to sell a painting, and I always say "no - I painted this to sell to someone who will like it as much as I do."  And I take it as the highest form of compliment when someone buys something from me.  But this painting was a sort of a milestone for me, and I was sad to see it go.  Thank heaven for the internet and quality reproductions, so I can always have this images to revisit even after the original was sold.  I can't imaging how artists felt when they sold something and never saw it again once it left their studio.  I'm glad I can remember all the good paintings I have done.  Almost 15 years after painting this I can still remember the day I took the photos, and the time that went into painting it.  Here is one of my all time favorite paintings: 

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