Monday, June 17, 2013

After my friends from Hawaii had me paint a picture of the LDS Hawaii temple for their anniversary, one of their friends in Florida thought that was a great idea.  They were married in Montana, and wanted to do the same for their family.  The temple is such an important symbol of members of the Mormon church.  It represents the importance of families - including immediate families, and all future and past members of families.  And it is a reminder of  their eagerness to commit to a  rightous lifestyle.  By having a painting of the temple in their homes, is reminds them of their commitments, and the values they want in their lives.  I was glad to paint these images for them, because it helped inspire me as I was working on them.  And they are usually pretty interesting buildings that make a painting fun to work on.  And I was glad to finish this painting before I went back to lifeguarding full time for the summer.  A good note to end on, for sure.

Billings Temple

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