Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 1

I had such a good day yesterday.  The surf forecast said it was going to be 2 to 3 feet and fair conditions.  I wasn't working and my wife took the kids to visit her family, so I had extra time to surf.  And when I have extra time I go to Blacks.  What a great decision.  It was only a little bigger than 2 to 3 feet there, but the conditions were way better than fair.  I would have called them "super fun".  I went to the North Peak, and was there with literally one other guy (who I knew from my college days)  for two hours until he got tired and went in.  More people filled in as the time went by, and everyone texted their friends how much it was going off, but by that time, I was too tired to keep paddling.  The water was really warm and clear, the sun was out, the waves were super consistant and glassy, and I was surfing pretty well (by my standards).  What could have been better?  Only if I was stronger, and didn't get worn out after three hours of surfing any wave that came through.  After all that, I went to the San Diego Fair, and saw Weird Al play.  He is pretty funny, but surfing Blacks as much as I could before that made it truly a great day.

"Blacks Bubbles"
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