Tuesday, May 21, 2013

     Twenty years ago, I was in college in Hawaii.  BYU-Hawaii was the best place ever.  I had so much fun, and met so many great people.  I was learning about art, and I was surfing a lot.  It was the best.  The dumbest thing I ever did was graduate from college.  But that is another story.  I met my wife at school over there, and when we were dating, one of her roomates was dating a friend of mine.  They also eventually married.  Now, jump ahead 20 years.  They are celebrating a pretty major anniversary, and they wanted to commemorate the ocassion.  They were married in the Mormon temple in Hawaii, and thought - what better way to remember the event than with a painting of where we were married - the temple in Laie.  And done by our old friend.  This way they can always remember the wedding, and their time in Hawaii, they can teach their daughters the importance that Latter Day Saints, or Mormons, place in getting married in the temple, and they will have something really cool to pass down to them one day.  I loved the idea, and all the good feelings around this painting, and I love the painting that resulted.  Congratulations Logan and Kali.  Thanks for including me in your celebrations.


  1. Jesse, this is perfect! Beautiful .

  2. Aloha - I know this was posted a while back BUT what a beautiful moment story with the painting it touches it all - wow, captured with words and a loving piece of Art, this is beautiful.