Wednesday, May 8, 2013

     I was invited to do a demonstration for The Foothills Art Association a while back, and thought it would be fun to show how I did my "Morning Lip" painting.  I taught this one at the San Diego Watercolor Society's workshop recently, so I was pretty sure I wouldn't mes up too bad in front of a whole bunch of people.  That would have been embarassing.  Anyways, on the day of the demo, I prepared the paper for two versions, and worked on one of them to get it to a good point in the painting process so I could show the next step without waiting for the paint to dry.  So for the demo, I started one painting from the blank paper, and showed the first few washes, and then I got out the other painting and showed the next few steps.  I think it went really well.  People were asking questions and were really interested in what I was doing.  It felt good.  And this is the result at the end of the night.  The first one was the initial washes, the one in the middle was a little further along, and the last one is the finished, framed painting. 

A few days after, I looked at the demo paintings again, and decided to finish them.  It took a while, but I think they look really interesting.  They are all the same wave, and painted by the same person at around the sme time.  But if you look closely, they look different.  The colors are a little different, and lines vary a little.  I think they look like twins - or triplets in this case.  Its kind of cool

For this shot, the top one is the framed one, and the two bottom ones are the demo paintings.  I like all of them.

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