Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm getting ready for Artwalk in San Diego this coming weekend, and I feel busy.  A lot of matting and framing an last minute details to get ready for the big show.  But, I did manage to find some time for a new painting.  This is my official portrait of Windansea.  Plain and simple - no frills - Windansea.  What a beautiful place.  

 I inherited a whole bunch of new paint colors a while back, and it was pretty cool to test them out.  Colors that I probably never would have bought, but since they were given to me, I used them. I was amazed to see how many there are available.  I see them in the catalogues all the time, but seeing them on my pallette was a whole new experience.  Many of them I have created myself by mixing other colors, but there were a few that were a whole new experience.  It felt a little overwhelming.  I hear many other artists recommending limited palletts, and I understand why.  Most colors can be attained by mixing a few key colors together, and I often tell watercolor students that color is secondary in importance to getting correct values.  If the values are right in a painting - especially watercolor - then it almost doesn't matter what colors are used.  But, all that being said, one of the cnew colors I used is called cobalt turquoise.  I never would have bought this myself, but I loved using it in the areas where there is aerated water in this painting.  It was fun to use.

Portrait of Windansea
Watercolor  12 x 17"

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