Thursday, April 11, 2013

     The summer is coming up pretty fast.  Daylight savings time has already changed, and the days are getting way longer.  I have already taken my kids to the beach quite a few days, and the weather has been great.  The water is still chilly, but that only slows them down a little at first.  The end of the school year is in sight, and things starting to feel fun.  So, in celebration of the upcomming summer, I got one of my favorite images out.  I have had this shot of my son and his friend at the beach for a few years, and I've tried painting it a few times already.  I tried it again in a 12 x 16" format, but again, it didn't work.  But, I was determined to do it right.  So I started again.  This one is a little bigger - 14 x 20".  And I like the way it turned out this time.  What a relief.  I have learned so much by doing this painting 5 times.  Maybe I'll get it out again in a few years, and see if I have gotten any better as a painter.  Then again, maybe 5 times is enough.  Its not a perfect painting, but it is really good.

"Sand Crabs"
14 x 20" Watercolor

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