Thursday, March 21, 2013

I just finished a string of pretty mediocre paintings, and was pretty frustrated.   I would like to think that I have been painting for so long that they would all work out by now.  But that is far from the case.  I still waste a lot of paper, and more importantly, time.  I'll work for several days on a painting, only to see that it is no good.  Then I start to freak out and try to do something fast, and that doesn't work either.  Then I start thinking that I'm wasting my time and no one cares if my paintings are good or not anyways, and I should go get a job that has a paycheck at the end of the week - whether my work is good or not.  I wonder if other painters ever have these thoughts. But then inertia keeps me painting.  I have to paint.  So, I go back to my favorite and familiar subject - Windansea.  I have tried to do one that looks north for a while and they didn't work out either, so I tried it again, and to my surprise, at the end of the painting, I liked it.  What a relief.  Too bad I have done two more bad paintings since I finished this one.  But for now, I can enjoy the fact that I did something good.

"WindanSea Looking North"
Watercolor 14 x 20"

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