Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm always going back and forth thinking about what kind of images I want to paint.  I hear from a lot of people that if I want to be more successful in terms of sales, I should paint images with a wider appeal.  I know that the people who really like my work is limited to: 
1.  Other watercolorists (who don't usually buy watercolor paintings) 
2.  Surfers (Who don't usually buy any art)
3. Parents who have kids who surf
4.  Someone who lives right at the surf spot I am painting.  

That is a short list.  I don't even go to shows that are out of San Diego anymore, because the last time I was in Hermosa Beach, people walked up to me and asked "do you have the Hermosa Beach Pier"?  And when I said no, they would walk away without even looking at my work.  So the question is should I paint things that I like, or try to paint something that would sell.  The same question most artists have.    I am always bound and determined to paint just things that will sell, but then I come across a really cool image of a wave breaking right on the shore at Windansea, and I want to paint it really bad.  (And when I say come across a cool image, I mean I took some real poundings in the shorebreak with my camera for hours)

So, this is the image that I like.  There is enough in the picture to determine where it is (to those in the know)  and is is an image that most people don't ever get to see in person, the colors are cool (to me)  and there is the good action happening with water (which is my most favorite thing to paint)  So, here I go again, painting something only I would want to buy.  Will I ever learn?

Watercolor 12 x 17"

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