Monday, January 28, 2013

     In two weeks, I am leading a workshop at the San Diego Watercolor Society.  I led one last year that was a lot of fun.  There were like 20 people at all levels of ability and they did some really good paintings.  I was trying to think about what to teach this year that would be a fun painting, something that everyone could do, and would teach some really good watercolor techniques.  This one of the Shack in the evening fulfills all those requirements.  I have demonstrated this painting before, and it is an easy painting to work on.  The values dicate the order the painting is done in.  The sky is the first, as the lightest area, then the hazy marine layer, followed by the water, sandy area, and finishing off with the shack and figure.  Easy.  And I know that with a little help all the people joining me will do really fun paintings.  They may not all look like mine, but the the funnest part of the day is when we line all the paintings up and compare them, and see how differently people paint.  They are all the same image, but done so differently.  I love seeing them all together.   And if anyone sees this before Feb 9th, please join us.  It'll be great.  

"Windansea Evening"
18 x 24" framed

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