Sunday, June 3, 2012

This was a really good week.  Two of my favorite paintings found a good home.  I always love to hear from people who like my work and what I'm doing, but I consider it the ultimate compliment when they like it so much they want it.  And its not even the money that is so good, its the commitment the money represents.  Someone liked these so much they wanted to be able to look at them every day, and they paid to do it.  Thats so cool. 

And what made this sale even better is that these are my favorite kinds of paintings.  One of the hardest parts of my job is finding good images to work from.  I go back and forth thinking about what kinds of things I want to paint.  Sometimes I like the standard seascape paintings and other times I like the line-up shots of empty waves.  Sometimes I paint surfers riding waves, and sometimes I really like painting wildlife.  But these two paintings are easily my favorite kinds of images.  They tell what its like to be a surfer.  I love to share the small details that create the common experience of surf culture.  

How often have we all walked away from surfing, but know we still didn't get enough time in the water, and just linger a while.  The girl in the "Jetty Morning" painting is probably too tired to keep surfing, but she still wants to be out in the line-up. Or she just wants to watch her friends for a while before she has to go.  Classic.  And the "Call Box" shot was taken from Dec 21, 2005 - Big Wednesday in San Diego.  On that day Blacks took its toll on boards, leashes and bodies.  What a great day.  And anyone who was walking down the road and saw a broken board smashed on the road signs in frustration before they even saw the surf, knew that they were in for an unforgettable session.  

I love the stories that these paintings share, and that they allow the viewer fill in their own stories, or relive their own memories.  These are the paintings I want to keep doing, and I love when people appreciate them.  Its the best. 

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