Wednesday, June 20, 2012

If anyone has seen a lot of my work, they will recognize a lot of good surf spots from San Diego.  WindanSea is one of the most consistent waves we have.  There is almost always something there to ride - especially during the summer when the rest of San Diego might be long-boardable at best.  It is a fun wave that is sometimes excellent.  I have been surfing there since I was a kid, and have worked there three years as a life guard, and I have painted the shack more times than I can remember.  And I know I'll keep painting these scenes.  It is just so beautiful along this stretch of ocean.  I love the sand, the rocks, the water, and the shack makes the spot iconic.  There is so much surf history there, and the level of surfing ability there is always above average.  Those guys rip.  This painting was from just an average day of surf.  The waves were small, but they were almost non existent everywhere else.  The sun was out, and the wind was perfect.  And this was in Febuary.  I did this painting a while ago, and some old friends saw it and liked it, but they wanted it bigger.  I did another version of it for them that was 20 x 30.  They love it, and I still love this one.

Sunny Windan
12 x 17" Watercolor

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