Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Painting

Every September, when the summer is over, I get my brushes out again, and get back to it.  This year I have a good reason to start painting again.  In May, I was commissioned to do three large paintings for a hospital in Central California.  They had a specific idea of what they wanted the images to look like, and I spent a lot of time this summer trying to get something like they wanted.  The instructions were multi cultural kids interacting, and playing at the beach.  That sounds easy, but it was kind of a challenge.  It took some time and arranging to get images like they described, but I finally did.  I submitted six ideas that would have all been good paintings, and they choose the three they liked best.  I was so glad, and super excited to get started.  Here it is, and September is almost over, and I finally finished the first painting - only five months later.  But, I am on a roll now, and the other two will go super smoothly (hopefully).  The first one looks just like something I'd paint, so I thought I'd share.

"The Race"
Watercolor 20 x 30"

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