Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The other day I was out surfing.  I had just caught a wave, and felt like I surfed it really poorly.  When I kicked out, I found myself saying out loud, to no one, that I just wished I surfed better.  There was a little barrel that I may have been able to fit into if I was ready, and then when the section came up that would have been a good spot for a solid turn, I was still looking for that barrel section that I missed.  It was pretty frustrating.   I wish I could have a chance to try that wave again.  I know I could do better.  My theory about surfing is that it is perpetually unsatisfying.  I always want to surf a wave better.  No matter how well I ride a wave, I want to do it better.  It'll keep me going back forever.  

Sometimes its the same way with my paintings.  I did a painting of this image last week, and thought it just got away from me in the end.  So I tried it again.  It looks better this time, though I still see little things that I wish were better in it.  But I love this image.  And I think this is a pretty good painting.  

If you want to see a little video of how it was made, click the link:

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