Thursday, August 29, 2013

Well, I say it every year, but the summer went by so fast.  I only have three more days of the scheduled lifeguarding season.  I was thinking about picking up my brushes again and wondering what I should paint.  I thought about the stack of watercolor paintings I have, and wonder if I should add to it.  I have a lot of them already.  Should I even start painting again?

A few weeks ago I went to see Les Claypool from Primus play at the Belly Up.  He had a small stage, and with him was a friend that played guitar.  I thought the show was fantastic.  I think he is so talented and creative.  Whenever I find myself on you-tube, I usually end up watching Primus videos over and over.  They are so cool.  He totally inspires me.  We do completely different things, but just seeing that someone can create something that I like so much makes me want to be creative also.  He has a huge fan base that love his music and I bet he gets a lot of feedback on what he does.  I imagine that helps him stay productive.  And I bet he is able to make a decent living with his music, so that helps too.   

I, on the other hand, have a hard time staying motivated sometimes.  I don't have quite the reach that Les Claypool does as far as fans of his work, but every once in a while someone will tell me that my work has inspired them.  If someone that sees my work feels like I felt when I watched Les Claypool play, I should feel honored.  I was in awe of his talent.  And if someone thinks I have the kind of talent that would inspire them, I owe it to myself, and them, to keep going.  

The reason I am writing this is because the other night I sold a small painting of a seagull.  It wasn't much money, but the couple that bought it made me feel so talented and appreciated that I am grateful to them.  They helped me to want to keep painting.  I thought I would share the painting they bought.  Thanks Mike and Kerry.  You've helped me want to keep painting.  



  1. That's a beautiful painting, Jesse! It would be so sad if you gave up are so talented! Maybe you need to find a mentor...someone who has become financially successful with their paintings. Just a thought. Hang in there!!

  2. Thanks GSW. Sometimes a little encouragement goes a long way. Cheers.