Thursday, May 24, 2012

One of my favorite thinks about being an artist is having really good memories recorded with my paintings.  I remember this day surfing out at Blacks so well.  It was a Santa Ana day, and the wind was blowing offshore.  The waves were head high and beautiful.  And the crowd was thick.  I surfed for about an hour, and got some really fun waves.  But the crowd got thicker, and I realized that I would have more luck swimming out with my camera and shooting photos than trying to surf.  I'm glad I did, because I got some really good shots.  Sometimes hardest parts about being an artist is getting good subject matter for paintings, but on days like these, thats the funnest part of the job.  

I remember painting this one as well.  I was listening to a biography of Frida Kahlo on cd while painting, and recording on video the progress of the painting.  

And I used this painting when I led a workshop at the San Diego Watercolor Society.  I had the attendees work on their own version and they all had a really good time.  I was emphasizing the glassy water in the foreground, and demonstrating how to get that effect using wet into wet.  Its not an easy technique, but they all did really well.  

So, I've got some serious history with this painting.  And now, I'll be able to add the memories of blogging about it.  Excellent.

"19 guys"
Framed size 18 x 24"

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