Friday, May 18, 2012

I started doing these paintings of cobblestones that we see at the beaches around San Diego a few years back.  They are cool rocks, and when you take time to really look at them, there are some of them that are unusually cool.  It has been so fun to paint them - the different colors and shapes and textures.   I entered one of these paintings in the San Diego Fair a few years back, and it won an honorable mention award .  Its always fun to win an award.  But what is even better, someone liked it enough to buy it.  Bruce Robbins has been a good collector of mine, and has bought several really good paintings over the years.  He liked this one too, but what I think is even cooler, is he designed his condo renovation based on the colors of the painting.  That is just what artists love to have - someone decorating their home around the painting, instead of buying a painting to match what's already there.  I think its the ultimate compliment.  But then, to make things even better, they did such a good job with the condo, that it also won several design awards, and was featured on the front page of Qualified Remodeler magazine.  I got  little mention in the article.  How fun is that?  Makes me feel famous.  

So, anyways, here is a link to the article (it takes a few seconds to load) What a nice looking vacation home - right by the beach in Oceanside.

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